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World Robotics 2011 Studies were published on 1st September 2011

28 September 2011

World Robotics 2011 Industrial Robots and Service Robots were published two weeks earlier than in 2010.


World Robotics 2011 Industrial Robots

World Robotics Industrial Robots 2011is the only global report on industrial robot sales based on valid data provided by almost all robot suppliers in the world. It provides detailed statistical data for some 40 countries, broken down by application areas, industrial branches, types of robots and by other technical and economic variables. Data on production, exports and imports are presented for a selection of countries. Trends in robot densities, i.e. number of robots per 10,000 persons employed in relevant sectors, are also featured for almost all countries in the world. The forecast chapter informs on robotic trends as well as on customer trends. A detailed forecast for the period 2011 to 2014 is provided. Seven case studies demonstrate that the use of industrial robots is diversifying. A report on the international robotics standardization activities in ISO completes this comprehensive study.


World Robotics 2011 Service Robots

World Robotics Service Robotspresents comprehensive global statistics on service robots, forecasts, detailed market analysis including major producers, cost-benefit-considerations and major restraints on further diffusion, a summary on the study "Economic Analysis of new Service Robot Applications and their Relevance for Robotics Development (EFFIROB)", report on start-up of a service robot supplier, case study of the winner of the IERA 2011 Award, case studies of Award Winning Technology Transfers in 2011, report on an European robotics initiative and a report on international robotics standardisation in non-industrial environments. The market analysis is authored by Martin H├Ągele, Chairman of the IFR Service Robot Group Head of Department "Robot Systems" Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, Germany.

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