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Continuing growth of robot sales worldwide

According to the results of the first quarter 2011 of the IFR Quarterly Statistics the robots sales increased by 53% compared to the first quarter 2010. In the fourth quarter 2010 the growth of robot sales slowed down somewhat. However, the level in all three regions - North America, Europe and Asia - rose compared to the 4th quarter 2010. Especially sales of robots for handling operations and welding increased above average.

Final data provided to the participants of the world statistics

In the beginning of June 2011, the participating companies and associations received the final data of the 2010 supply of industrial robots by countries, by applications, by industries and by types. 

World Robotics 2011 will be published on 1st September 2011

The comprehensive analysis of the worldwide industrial robot shipments of 2010 with more than 30 individual country reports, a survey on robot density, estimates on 2011 and forecasts 2012 to 2014 as well as case studies on robot applications will be published on 1st September 2011: World Robotics 2011 Industrial Robots

Also World Robotics 2011 Service Robots will be published at the same date. Statistics and analysis of the worldwide sales of service robots, reports on start-ups, on service robot innovations and more will provide the most comprehensive report on service robots based on information from the suppliers and the researchers: World Robotics 2011 Service Robots


For pre-orders please contact Nina Kutzbach, nk@worldrobotics.org

For more information please go to:  www.worldrobotics.org

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