IFR press release

Henrik A. Schunk new Chairman of EUnited Robotics

Henrik A. Schunk, Chairman of EUnited RoboticsHenrik A. Schunk, Managing Partner of SCHUNK in Lauffen (Germany), was elected as the new Chairman of EUnited Robotics for the period of three years on 12 June 2010. Henrik A. Schunk is the successor of Stefan Müller, former Managing Director of KUKA Roboter in Augsburg (Germany), who was one of the founding members and Chairman of the European Robotics Association for the past six years. During the EUnited Robotics members' assembly the new Chairman thanked Mr. Müller for his outstanding contributions to EUnited Robotics and European robotics in general and wished him all the best for his retirement.   

Anders Nylander, Head of Robotics Products Group, ABB in Västeras (Sweden) and Maurizio Filoni, CEO of COMAU Robotics in Grugliasco (Italy), were elected Vice Chairmen.   

The new EUnited Robotics board will continue to speak up for the robotics industry in Europe. Building on good contacts to the European Commission, universities and research institutes EUnited Robotics will further support industrially relevant research projects and technology transfer.

EUnited Robotics is a core partner in the euRobotics Coordination Action and responsible for the management of the Secretariat of EUROP (European Robotics Technology Platform) - both ambitious initiatives of the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) aiming at improving cooperation between industry and academia in robotics. "It's good and necessary that all robotics organisations and platforms in Europe join forces in order to achieve common goals and maximum efficiency", said Henrik A. Schunk.

Another focus for the EUnited Robotics activities will lie on strengthening public relations for a better acceptance and awareness of robotics in society and in everyone's perception.