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European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)

European Vision Technology Market Statistics 2011 available

EMVA Statistics 2011Data from 225 companies in the European machine vision industry have been evaluated for the 2011 edition of the European Machine Vision Association's report.

The market study clearly shows that the European machine vision industry has seen a very strong recovery after the crisis year of 2009: Turnover of the European machine vision sector grew by 35% in 2010. The prospects remain positive: A further growth of 20% in 2011 is expected by the surveyed companies.

What makes the report unique is the fact that it is based on detailed data provided by the surveyed companies. Moreover, numerous interviews were conducted with machine vision experts in order to identify the current trends in the sector. Industry sales in the survey are broken down to regions, product types, applications, customer types and customer industries. In addition to the European statistics, readers now find four country-specific reports covering machine vision in Germany, Italy, the UK and - for the first time - in France. Plus, the study describes important mega trends that act as drivers for the machine vision industry identifying growth opportunities for the sector.

For the machine vision industry, the report is an indispensable source of information for strategic decisions. With the detailed explanations of technical terms and an introduction to machine vision technology, the survey, however, does not only address enterprises in the machine vision industry. It also serves as a valuable tool for stakeholders from industry related areas, such as financial institutions, the investment community, representatives of the regional, national and European legislature, as well as business planners and analysts. Industry outsiders and users of machine vision technology who wish to find out more about trends and developments benefit from the clearly laid-out structure and the easy to understand language in the report. 

Download European Vision Technology Market Statistics Flyer (453 kb)