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European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)

European Vision Technology Market Statistics 2010 - now available

EMVA Statistics 2010The European Vision Technology Market Statistics 2010 provides up-to-date industry data generated primarily directly from machine vision companies in Europe and numerous interviews with experts across Europe. Altogether, data from over 190 companies in the European machine vision industry has been evaluated for this report which makes it an exclusive source of market intelligence not available by any other survey in the field. It shows currents trends and developments and identifies growth opportunities for the machine vision industry:

  • Dominant and future customer industries
  • Leading machine vision applications
  • Exports: European and world markets and their potentials
  • Developments in 10 different product categories
  • Technology shifts and market trends

In addition to the European statistics, readers now find three country-specific reports covering machine vision in Germany, Italy and - for the first time - in the United Kingdom.

All European machine vision companies are invited to participate in the annual EMVA market survey and in turn will receive the complete results free of charge. All other interested parties are invited to purchase the study from EMVA (info@emva.org).

Download European Vision Technology Market Statistics Flyer