IFR press release

EUROP - European Robotics Technology Platform

Robotics industry supports Europe with joint visions for the future

In Brussels, EUROP, the European Robotics Technology Platform, presented the "Robotic Visions to 2020 and Beyond - The Strategic Research Agenda for robotics in Europe, 07/2009". This future-oriented framework is the result of three years of intensive work. The Who-is-Who of European robotics - 130 leading organisations from industry and science - have developed a vision of the future for robots. This is a milestone for European robotics. The development of the Strategic Research Agenda for robotics in Europe was facilitated by the CARE project (Coordination Action for Robotics in Europe) supported by the European Commission. The technologies to be developed in the future will not only influence and dominate the robotics sector, but also the new fields of application will change and facilitate the entire economy and public life. Dr. Horst J. Kayser, EUROP President and CEO of KUKA AG has presented the research agenda. He was supported by high-ranking representatives of all robotics sectors, science and politics. You can download the research agenda in the Internet at www.robotics-platform.eu/sra.

Product visions - Robotics will improve our life sustainably
EUROP's experts predict that robots will be working with and for people in increasingly more sectors of industry and society. This will be both in the manufacturing industry and in the service sector with its myriad branches encompassing medicine, logistics, security and space flight as well as in the domestic, educational and entertainment branches. Robots are becoming more intelligent, more independent and more cooperative. However, one thing must be ensured: man is the central figure, the robot his assistant.