IFR press release

Comments of the international robot companies CEOs on the results of the study World Robotics 2013

Yoshikatsu Minami
Corporate Vice President and General Manager Robotics Division YASKAWA Electric Corporation, Japan


"Global investments of the automotive as well as the electrical and electronics industries continue in 2013 and are the main drivers of the rise in robot installations despite variations in each country. The robotics industry has been making continuous progress in these industries in the past few years, but robots need to be even more flexible with better performance in order to increase production and produce better quality products. It is definitely clear that the demand for automation using industrial robots is on the rise in other industries as well, such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, logistics and so on. And, the number of robot installations in the emerging countries has definitely increased along with the development of their economies. Therefore, we expect a higher increase in robot sales in 2013 compared to 2012.  Growth in robot sales is expected in several industries in the future."


Dr. Hans Schumacher, CEO,
Dürr Systems GmbH Germany


"Due to the constantly high demand for paint robots in the Automotive industry, we respond to market specific needs and have therefore increased our production capacities by 50% and opened new test centers worldwide. Whereas the focus in emerging markets is on greenfield installations to raise capacity, established markets invest in brownfield installations in order to increase efficiency and modernize their facilities."

Manfred Gundel, CEO
KUKA Roboter GmbH

"After a strong 2012, we are committed not to rest on this success. Thus, we focus on the future and see which chances are given by the growing robot-based automation market: We see a huge long-term potential right in the general industry among different sectors and applications that have not been used to automation or that did not yet have the possibility to automate. That means an increasing drive that we are willing to benefit from and for which we are preparing ourselves actively. With its intelligent, multifunctional and efficient products, KUKA offers the suitable answer for the production of today and tomorrow. For that purpose, we are positioned ideally worldwide and present in all markets. An explicit sign therefor this is the opening of our new plant in China, with which we will serve the furthermore increasing market even better."


Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO
Universal Robots Denmark
Image Source: Soendergaard


"The market situation shown by the IFR Statistical Department in its study World Robotics 2013 - Industrial Robots, makes us look optimistically into the future. Our collaborative lightweight robots have met the requirements of modern production facilities. They are the first robots that enable small and middle sized companies to automate their production. Whatever in Europe, Asia or in the US - our global sales volume increases continuously. Our vision is making industrial robots affordable for everyone and encouraging a safe human-robot-collaboration - there is definitely demand. This is also a result of the IFR study."

Masanori Iwase, President
Kawasaki Robotics GmbH, Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd.



Kawasaki's positive outlook on the industrial robot market is confirmed by the continuous growth in various segments. Although the demand in Europe has slowed down due to its economic situation, the demand from Asia, particularly China, continues to remain strong.  Kawasaki expects that automation using robots will continue to grow, not only in conventional applications, i.e. auto, electrical, and food industries, but also  in new fields and markets.