IFR press release

50 years Industrial Robots

IFR published Brochure

IFR brochure In 2011 we were able to look back on 50 years of Industrial Robots. The first installation of an industrial robot of Unimation happened at a GM plant in New Jersey in 1961. Since then, there has been no stopping to the development of industrial robots. From 2-axis to 6-axis, from heavy-weight to leight-weight, from hydraulic actuators to electric motors, from Automotive to other branches etc. The list of added features, tools and applications is endless.

Today more than 1.1 million industrial robots are operating in all kind of factories all over the world. The 50th anniversary of industrial robots was a reason for IFR to reflect on the history of this successful "co-worker". IFR created a brochure containing the milestones of technology and commercialization. You may find it online on the IFR website for download or you may request a printed copy from the Secretariat.

A more detailled version on the history can be found on  http://www.ifr.org/history/.