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IFR Press Releases

New IFR Robot Supplier Member

Mobile Industrial Robots Aps joined IFR

We are very glad to welcome our new IFR Robot Supplier member Mobile Industrial Robots Aps (MIR), who just joined the International Federation of Robotics. The vision of MIR is the automation of internal transport.


President's Report

Robots increase Productivity, the very Foundation of a prospering Labour Market

The increasing use of robots has motivated a number of researchers to analyse the impact of automation on jobs and the economy: like many things, the forecasts and views are often different. In this perspective I like to cite some views and studies supporting the positive effects of the introduction of Robots and Automation.


2015 IERA Award Joint Winners Announced in Seattle

Kinova and Q-Bot convinced

The 2015 Invention and Entrepreneurship in Robotics and Automation (IERA) award was shared by Fran├žois Boucher of Kinova Inc., Canada and Tom Lipinski of Q-Bot Limited, United Kingdom.


Member Press Releases

Panasonic, Japan - IFR Robot Supplier

Roboteco S.p.A. winner of Sho-Yo-Kai prize in Tokio

Roboteco S.p.A., the Italian distributor of Panasonic arc welding robot, won the Sho-Yo-Kai gold medal as the world best Panasonic System Integrator. Award ceremony took place in Tokyo on May 20th, 2015 during the annual "Global Excellent Partner Meeting", gathering for three days the best 15 worldwide distributors of Japanese Panasonic Welding System Company.


RIA, USA - IFR Industry Association

Joseph F. Engelberger, the "Father of Robotics," Turns 90

Joseph F. Engelberger, an engineer and entrepreneur who pioneered the robotics field, will turn 90 years old on July 26th. Widely known as the "father of robotics," Engelberger launched the world's first robotics company, Unimation, in 1956.


Schunk, USA - IFR Robot Supplier

Schunk featured in Robot Revolution Exhibit at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

They're here ... to help and improve our lives. On May 21, 2015, the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) premiered a new national touring exhibit, Robot Revolution, supported by Google.org, which includes SCHUNK.