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Preserving resources by minimizing their environmental impact, improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and adopting new environmental friendly technology will be the trends in the future for robot manufacturers. On the other hand, robots take part in producing environmental friendly products.

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Compact energy saver robot provides high speed spot welder option

FANUC Robotics  R-1000iA/100F Continuing its drive for more compact and faster solutions for automated processes, FANUC Robotics has launched a new 'lower energy consumption' 100Kg robot.  The FANUC Robotics  R-1000iA/100F is designed for high speed handling and in particular for spot welding.


The weight saving design of the R-1000iA/100F consumes lower energy levels than conventional spot welding robots.  Its slim arm moves 100Kg robots into a more compact class, reducing cell size significantly.   The new robot's narrow footprint of 515 mm width and its ceiling or floor mounting options also help to ease access and space allocation for tooling in densely populated manufacturing cells.  A reach of 2.23Mtrs allows scope for large work areas to be processed by a single R-1000iA/100F robot.

The compact and lighter design makes the R-1000iA/100F faster than conventional spot welding robots providing fast cycle times with repeatability of ±0.2mm.

For spot welding applications

For spot welding an optional dress out package (wire, gas and power supplies) allows high speeds to be maintained without risk of snagging as cabling is internally routed through its lightweight forearm to the wrist.

For general applications

Used for general purpose applications the new robot is ideal for operation in aggressive environments such as water jet cutting and casting applications - both its wrist and joint three are sealed against water and dust to IP67 standard.

The intelligent FANUC robot controller, R-30iA

R-1000iA/100F runs with FANUC Robotics' intelligent controller - the R-30iA series is an open-architecture system with integrated intelligent functions including vision, force sensing and position checking software.

Control of up to 40 multiple axes is available with the R-30iA controller and when used in multi-arm mode one controller can control four arms and four auxiliary axes groups.



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