Case Studies Of Industrial Robots

Preserving resources by minimizing their environmental impact, improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and adopting new environmental friendly technology will be the trends in the future for robot manufacturers. On the other hand, robots take part in producing environmental friendly products.

ABB, Sweden - IFR Robot Supplier

ABB helps Volvo Cars create a greener vehicle interior

ABB, the world's leading supplier of power and automation technologies, has provided an integrated application solution featuring spraying, gluing and wiping for Volvo Car Group's new production base in Chengdu, China; becoming the first robot supplier to provide a water-soluble adhesive system solution in the Chinese market. 


Reis, Germany - IFR-Partner

Practical success: Measurable energy saving in die casting automation

On Automatica 2012 the special introduction of VDMA 'Blue Competence' has met excellent feedback and praise from the specialist audience. Among the participating companies, Reis Robotics belongs to those which not only engage in permanent innovation projects, but have also already demonstrated sustainable success in practical use. Reis has established that it is possible to save plenty of energy even in the very energy-intensive die casting industry without any negative impact on the products - rather the contrary. 


Dürr, Germany - IFR-Partner

Automotive coatings in China - fully automatic and efficient

The economy, and especially the automotive market, has for many years been growing much faster in China than in other regions of the world. Accordingly, there are numerous new auto plants being built and equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies. In the field of coatings this means the use of new, more compact coating processes, full automation, energy efficiency and resource conservation. The paint shop with the lowest energy consumption per painted body will begin operation next year in China.


ABB, Sweden - IFR-Partner

ABB robots help furniture maker use less paint and reduce waste

High-pressure painting using industrial robots has enabled Spartan in Slovakia to reduce the amount of paint they use by 15 percent


Fanuc Robotics Europe - IFR Partner

Compact energy saver robot provides high speed spot welder option

Continuing its drive for more compact and faster solutions for automated processes, FANUC Robotics has launched a new 'lower energy consumption' 100Kg robot.  The FANUC Robotics R-1000iA/100F is designed for high speed handling and in particular for spot welding.


Stäubli, France - IFR Partner

Natural solutions to Green Automation

A dramatic shift is underway throughout the global manufacturing industry as more and more companies, spurred by heightened environmental awareness, adopt green manufacturing techniques.


Adept, USA - IFR-Partner

Adept Technology Furthers Commitment to Sustainable and Green Production

Adept Quattro(TM) s650HS Robot provides significant energy savings and sustainable manufacturing practices for critical production processes. Adept developed energy conscious solutions such as the Adept Quattro robot for production systems ranging from safely processing food to reducing the costs associated with manufacturing solar cells. Recent benchmark tests validate that the Adept Quattro, which was originally designed with energy conservation in mind, consumes up to 35% less power over delta or SCARA robots.


ABB, Sweden - IFR-Partner

Clean and Green Wash

The newest innovation in cleaning and deburring is not only friendlier on the environment, it saves costs as well. Existing washers were inline single-path chemical systems that were large, energy gulping, unreliable and wasteful. The result of ABB research was a brand new generation of robotic flex washers that have revolutionized high pressure water deburring.


Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Partner

The new EcoMode helps getting energy efficient robots

In recent years, WITTMANN has succeeded in consistently reducing the energy consumption of its products on a broad scale. In several cases, WITTMANN's engineers achieved truly spectacular improvements in energy efficiency. Even the energy consumption of the current W8 robot series was reduced significantly. The magic word here is EcoMode.


Adept, Germany - IFR-Partner

Achieve Packaging Sustainability with Flexible Automation

Packaging sustainability is the ultimate goal of packagers. The challenge is to balance economic prosperity with environmental and social responsibility. Preserving resources by minimizing their environmental impact, reducing energy consumption, and ...