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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Valk Welding supplies welding robot for large dump trailers

June 2012

Weldingrobotintegrator Valk Welding has supplied a welding robot system on a 10 meter overhead gantry construction for the Dutch manufacturer Jan Veenhuis Machinefabriek BV. Jan Veenhuis is a manufacturer of dump trailers for agriculture, landscaping and earthworks companies and will be welding complete boxes and sub frames for its dump trailers on the new welding robot system. With this investment CEO Marc Veenhuis is setting out to substantially improve efficiency in anticipation of potential growth in the next years.

Taking the pressure off the manual welding department

Marc Veenhuis: "Production is currently dependent on the employees who manually weld the complete boxes. When demand for our products picks up, it is not possible to raise the production rate or extend the capacity. Not least because extra manual welders are hard to find. That's why we looked for a system that can weld complete containers and sub frames entirely by robot. Our biggest dump trailer has a length of 10 m, a width of 3 m and a height of 2 m."

Huge construction

For that purpose Valk Welding has delivered a system consisting of a longitudinal movement on 3 columns and a Panasonic welding robot on a transverse movement, and a freely-programmable manipulator of 3000 kg (10,000 Nm). The system has an effective range of 11 m lengthwise, 6.4 m diagonally and 3.7 m in height. The parametric setup makes the programming a simple matter. Variants in length, width and height can therefore be welded without extra programming efforts.

Service more important than price

Marc Veenhuis: "When choosing the supplier we carefully considered whether it would still be able to offer support in ten years. With the fourteen Panasonic manual welding machines and the Panasonic welding robot (on an H frame) which we've already been using for seven years, we know what we can expect of Valk Welding. Their service is a good fit for companies such as ours. The combination of good service and technically perfect products was the decisive factor for us. If problems arise you have to be able to rely on your supplier?s service. That is even more important than the price to us."



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