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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Panasonic welding robot creates gains for French furniture manufacturer

Panasonic Tawers TA-1600WG welding robotFurniture manufacturer MMO of Bretagne has replaced a 17-year-old robot with a Panasonic Tawers welding robot. For that purpose MMO took advantage of the favourable conditions under which welding robot integrator Valk Welding is currently offering its Replacement Program. Valk Welding is giving companies the opportunity to replace an outdated welding robot with a Panasonic Tawers welding robot under favourable conditions. This latest generation of welding robots provides companies with the most up-to-date and advanced welding robot technology of the day.

Replacement of old welding robot with Panasonic Tawers welding robots has halved MMO's cycle time and improved its weld quality

As a manufacturer of steel furniture for hospitals, rest homes, schools and offices, MMO has owned two welding robots since as far back as the beginning of the nineties. The company has since gained so much experience that it was able to draw up a comprehensive package of requirements for the selection of a replacement robot system. One of the most important requirements was the ability to program the welding robot offline. As well as improved welding quality and shorter cycle times, MMO wanted to rid itself of the time-consuming program corrections resulting from series changes or collisions. The solution that Valk Welding France Atlantique demonstrated in Saint-Nazaire with the Panasonic Tawers welding robot and DTPS-G2 offline programming scored highest at MMO on those points.

welding robot serving two working stationsValk Welding supplied the Panasonic Tawers TA-1600WG welding robot on a torsion-free E-frame, with the welding robot serving two working stations using a track. Valk Welding thus offered a better alternative that the current solution based on an indexing manipulator. As well as fewer programming and calibration activities, the welding robot on the E-frame creates large savings in the logistics around the work station and more space for the products and sub-components. A welding robot also made it possible to operate a smaller work range owing to the integrated longitudinal movement. The advantage of the torsion-free frame is that it can be moved complete with the welding robot and jigs, and can be put back into use straight away without the need for program modifications.

The new welding robot cell has helped MMO to achieve an improved, spatter-free welding quality, which has drastically reduced the subsequent processing activities. The fact that the cycle times have been reduced with 50% has also contributed to the substantial productivity improvement at the welding department.