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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Construction builders select welding robot systems from Valk Welding

September 2011

Software development, which is carried out in recent years within Valk Welding, will help determine the choice of several construction manufacturers in Europe to order welding robot installations at Valk Welding. 

Recently Valk Welding delivered a welding robot installation at the company Thyssen Stål A/S in Denmark for the welding of steel structures. 

picture by Teknovation Denmark

The company Thyssen Stål A/S, which has had a long-standing experience with welding robots, has chosen the superior technique, which Valk Welding could offer Thyssen Stål A/S. Using the software module APG (Automatic Program Generation), Thyssen Stål A/S is capable of manufacturing single items to perform with the welding robot. 

The software for this has been developed within Valk Welding, using the DTPS offline programming system from Panasonic. Around this offline programming system is created a "shell" of, specifically developed for Thyssen Stål A/S, software, with which Thyssen, using a GUI (Guided User Interface), can easily enter dimensions for the automatic creation of welding programs. 

In addition to these automatic program generation, was the decisive one for Thyssen Stål A/S, that Valk Welding can deliver a fully automatic seam tracking system, which is welding at speeds of 1.3 meters per minute. These welding speeds are a condition for Thyssen Stål A/S for deploying profitably such an investment. 

picture by Teknovation Denmark

In preparation for this complete turnkey project, Valk Welding built the entire robot system in its mother plant in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands, where a decrease was achieved under production conditions. The robot system has already been delivered to Thyssen Stål A/S in Skaerbaek Denmark and operational since early June 2011. 

Meanwhile, Valk Welding received new orders regarding the supply of equivalent equipment for customers, including France and Belgium. 

Also the cooperation with Voortman Automatisering, which is already successful for several years, in terms of cutting-robots for the steel construction industry, is further intensified, leading to more contacts in the steel built world, which, all in their turn, need a welding robot with custom made software for producing single items. 

The robot projects, which Valk Welding has supplied in a meantime in the steel world, are leading to increased expertise at Valk Welding. 

At the moment Voortman Automatisering and Valk Welding are working on an innovative solution for automatic positioning and welding steel plates to beam profiles. 

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