Case Studies Of Industrial Robots

Robots in action can be found everywhere. Robot Manufacturers give examples of robot applications in different industries.

Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Marko installs fourth generation welding robot system

In spring of this year furniture producer Marko BV put a new, advanced welding robot system into operation at its production facility in Veendam.  The welding robot system represents the company's fourth generation of welding robots. Marko was leading the way in the robotised welding of steel office and school furniture as far back as in the nineteen-eighties. The investment in a Panasonic Tawers welding robot on a longitudinal movement and with 8 work stations has provided Marko with the last word in welding robot technology. Marko is thus setting out to guarantee its product quality and production efficiency in the years to come.

Higher capacity utilisation level

The ample number of work stations makes it possible to limit the number of tool changes, which leads to increased in productivity and flexibility. That has increased the capacity utilisation level compared to the previous system.

The DTPS G2 offline programming system makes it possible to convert the programs of the older robots for the new robot system. Also, new products can be programmed offline and are easy to transfer or copy to other work stations.

Marko achieves 80% of its turnover with school furniture and sets out to compete with its products mainly on quality. With this strategy the company has succeeded in gaining a leading market position in the Benelux region.