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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Hitachi Europe invests in Panasonic welding robots

Hitachi production

Manufacturer of construction and excavators, Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe, has invested in Panasonic welding robots for its production plants in Holland. Based on the excellent experience within the organization with Hitachi Panasonic arc welding equipment and the planned increase in capacity of the Dutch plants, robot integrator Valk Welding installed recently three welding robot systems.

All three welding robot systems equipped with the latest technology from Panasonic, the largest welding robots from TAWERS Series (TA 1900 WGH). All robots are equipped with a 500 Amp heavy duty power with 100% duty cycle. Two of the three robot systems (installed in Amsterdam) are so-called portal systems in which the welding robot to a longitudinal, transverse and height displacement is mounted to a full range available in the typically complex and large work pieces.

For precise positioning of work pieces, using mainly heavy-welding activities, manipulation systems are included in the installation to let rotate the products during the welding operation.


Thick plate software

To guarantee the quality of the welding with most so-called multi-layer technique, Hitachi uses 'thick plate' application software from Panasonic. "Thick Plate" is a special software, developed for use in heavy welding where multilayer technology is applied. A great variety of search algorithms is also integrated in this software, allowing not only position but also detecting the geometry of the welding seam.

This software is developed in Japan in close collaboration with manufacturers of excavators and is now used by nearly all known producers of excavators worldwide.

Hitachi Construction Machinery will use this new software application in their production facilities. Partly through the application of this new robot installations and associated software Hitachi Construction Machinery expected to increase its production capacity in order to meet the expected market growth in the coming years.