Case Studies Of Industrial Robots

Robots in action can be found everywhere. Robot Manufacturers give examples of robot applications in different industries.

Motoman, UK - IFR-Partner

Insatiable demand for pizza - Robot palletizes pizza cartons around the clock


Charwood Foods, one of the UK's leading manufacturer of pizza bases with a volume of 63 million units per year, was starting a second production line and needed to palletize boxes of finished pizzas. In automating this task, a total of 12 different box sizes had to be accommodated.


A MOTOMAN SP100X 4-axis palletizing robot with a vacuum suction gripper was chosen for the application by the main contractor Crown Conveyors. The pallet layout programs provided by MOTOMAN reside within the controller. The robot picks up the correct number of cartons, normally three, from the end of the production line and stacks them onto a pallet. Case weight is between 16 and 19,5 kg. Within the robot cell, there is a rotating pallet wrapping station that secures the load prior to collection by a forklift truck from a parallel conveyor.

MOTOMAN SP100X 4-axis palletizing robot

MOTOMAN SP100X 4-axis palletizing robot


Up to 320 cases per hour are palletized around the clock at the end of the second production line at Charnwood Foods, which had foreseen that a robot would be used for the palletizing operation, as it would be an arduous and repetitive task for an operator to perform.  The quickest runner is processed at the rate of 40 cases per pallet and eight pallets an hour.


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