Case Studies Of Industrial Robots

Robots in action can be found everywhere. Robot Manufacturers give examples of robot applications in different industries.

Dürr Systems, Germany - IFR-Partner

EcoSupply P - Special Paint Supply with New, Simple Pig Modules Successfully Introduced

With new, smaller pig modules that are integrated in the color changer, two EcoSupply P systems supply four robots and two EcoMACC control stations at MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik Graz, Austria. Worldwide, the 53rd painting line with special paint colors from EcoSupply P systems has already been in operation.

The complexity-reduced EcoSupply P system makes it possible to restrict the used paint volume cheaply and to recover remaining volumes after application end. The required purging agent is also reduced to a minimum.

At two pig lines per booth side, new or existing application facilities can be connected via distributors. The connections to the application facilities are possible both piggable and not piggable. The advantages of the new pig distributor modules are their small design and the valve number that is reduced by up to 70%, depending on the application. This results in easier diagnostic possibilities and a higher availability.

Dürr EcoSupply P 2-in-1 technology

Fig.: EcoSupply P: 2-in-1 technology MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik Graz

The execution of the paint systems is freely selectable. Planned are simple systems for 10-250l barrels which are mounted to a frame or automatic stainless steel cabinets for 25l hoops.

For the top coat line 2 at MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik, DÜRR delivered two 2-in-1 systems, consisting of four automatic paint cabinets and one pig source cabinet. The 2-in-1 technology allows to connect various paint systems to only one pig system and to keep the required pig hose number small this way. For the project in Graz, DÜRR delivered the complete integration of the EcoSupply P systems into the existing conveying and application control equipment, including remote visualization for the ex area.

Simpler, manually operable systems without interfaces to the available installations can also be realized with the EcoSupply P component system.