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Packing robot provides the muscle for Bradman Lake's new case packing system



Ideal for case packing applications in the bakery, chocolate and confectionery, pharmaceutical and frozen food industries, the system can handle up to 120 cartons or 12 cases per minute, depending on the shape and size of the items involved. Added flexibility is ensured by the ABB IRB260 robot?s ability to be programmed to handle different carton configurations, enabling the handling of different pack formats.


Part of a wider family of machines offered by Bradman Lake, the case packing system incorporates advanced electronic motion control technology using a combination of robotics and servo motor drives. Bradman Lakes production cell will erect, close and seal the cases whilst central to the process ABB's IRB260 robot will load the products.



ABB's IRB260 is designed and optimised primarily for packing applications. Built with a reach of 1520mm and a maximum payload of 30kg, the robot is small enough to fit into compact packing machines helping manufacturers to save valuable floor space.



Speaking about the new system, John Marlee, Technical Director for the Bradman-Lake Group comments, "We have been building case packing machines for over 30 years. This latest development joins our turnkey systems and stand-alone machines designed to complement existing machine system offerings."



Marlee continues, "We have used ABB robotics as a standard within our organisation for over six years. We use the same rack mount controller as the IRB260 and Flexpicker robots on our top load cartoning machines because we are keen to drive standardisation with our partners to minimise stock holdings, control platforms, software and compatibility with controls and robotics."
ABB's IRB260 robotic packer offers flexibility, fast cycle times and improved control for operator safety. For the AX case packer system, all changeable part components, such as the robot's end of arm tooling, are built from lightweight aluminum and high performance plastic materials. Its control system, which includes the robot, is easily accessed via a touch screen, offering quick, accurate and easily repeatable change over of equipment.



Designed with flexibility in mind, the AX Case Packer is intended to be a modular system that can be configured to meet the needs of the customer whether as part of an integrated packing line or as an individual unit. This includes alternative infeed modules, such as inline or right angled; product upending; continuous or indexing motion; single or twin racetrack and twister or multi row collators. Hot melt glue can also be used as an alternative to tape.



For more information about the Bradman Lake AX Case packing system featuring the ABB IRB260 robot, please visit http://www.bradmanlake.com more information about the potential benefits of integrating robots into your production process, please email robotics@gb.abb.com or call +44-1908 350 300, ref: 'AX case packing system'.




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