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Adept, USA - IFR-Partner

Adept Technology Delivers New Generation of Autonomous Mobile Robots to Swisslog

September 2013

Adept Technology, Inc. has delivered a new generation of RoboCourierTM to Swisslog Healthcare Solutions (HCS) for use in hospitals, clinical laboratories and pharmacies for the transport of specimens, medications and supplies.

Swisslog's RoboCouriers have been in operation in hospitals and commercial laboratories across North America for over three years. Hospitals realize the benefit of using the RoboCourier because it fits well into Lean process and quality improvements such as: reduced time spent walking, improved flow and minimized distractions, thus allowing staff to focus on patient-care tasks. Ultimately, RoboCourier helps hospitals reduce operational costs by increasing efficiency, improving workflow, and maximizing operational capacity.

"The new generation of RoboCourier offers several new features making it an even stronger fit for the industry," states Sandy Agnos, Swisslog's Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Product Manager. "It is available both in an open multiple-shelf version and in a closed, secure version. Options include door and elevator interface and call buttons, which enable the vehicle to self-navigate from area to area and floor to floor.  Because it is built upon Adept's new LynxTM platform, battery life has a 3X improvement and navigation has been optimized to meet increasingly demanding requirements of the environment."

"We are extremely pleased with our joint collaboration on the development of the next generation of the RoboCourier," states Larry Anderson, Adept vice president of Mobile. "Through partnerships like these we are able to help our customers realize significant operational efficiencies and improved capacity."