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BlueBotics, Switzerland - IFR-Partner

ANT® lite - cost-efficiency for high volume

June 2013

BlueBotics SA launched the new ANT® lite navigation especially designed for compact vehicles and high volume markets. It's a further development of the successfully established Autonomous Navigation Technology ANT®, the core competency of BlueBotics SA.

Compact mobile robots are conquering the world of new service robotics applications, especially in the professional service market, which represents more than 80% of the overall service robotics market. Indeed, the total number of professional service robots sold in 2011 rose by 9% compared to 2010 to 16,408 units up from 15,027 in 2010. But to really get a foothold in the market, they have to become smaller, simpler and cheaper.

Exactly what your mobile robot needs

The new ANT® lite navigation developed by BlueBotics SA hits the bull's eye. With ANT® lite inside, your vehicle, robot or mobile platform moves around autonomously, running also safely in human proximity. The system works - as usual with BlueBotics products - without any infrastructure: no need for inductive lines, markers or reflectors. If suddenly something is in his way, the robot equipped with ANT® lite circumvents the obstacle or regulates his speed to avoid any collisions. The installation of ANT® lite and its modification are very easy and rapid as everything is PC-based. It relies on simple interfaces and is tailor-made to meet your requirements in terms of cost efficiency and high volume.

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