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Danish Technological Institute, Denmark - IFR-R&D Institute

Exoskeleton - a new and exciting innovation consortium

The Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Robot Technology has in cooperation with a line of companies, just recently, forwarded an application to the board of Research and Innovation, to fund a new ground-breaking innovation consortium: Exoskeleton.

Exoskeletons, also known as power suits are an example of Human Robot Integration (HRI), which refers to humans and robots being closely connected. A form of integration, which can help humans with rehabilitation or increase the life quality of physically impaired.

"The Exoskeleton consortium is exciting and ground-breaking, as it is expected that exoskeletons as rehabilitation and support equipment for hip patients will exceed what has been seen so far" says Morten Winkler Jørgensen, Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Robot Technology and continues: 

"The combination of human flexibility and robotic strength is also very exciting and ground-breaking for industrial purposes as this, especially for companies with alternating production, will contribute and relieve relevant problems."

In addition to the Danish Technological Institute and Centre for Robot technology, the Consortium behind Exoskeleton consists of Ergolet, Giben, Scandinavia, Invacare, Guldmann, Wolturnus, Vitaris and Robocluster.

The Innovation consortium thereby represents a wide extraction of partners and a unique combination of strengths and competences, which will contribute and strengthen the use of exoskeletons, both within the Danish welfare system and within the Danish Industry.