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Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Partner

The new Wittmann Servo Robots

The participation of Wittmann at the K 2010 occured under the headline "A box full of innovations". This slogan at this year's K Show displayed particularly for the presentation of robots from WITTMANN, since a parade of new models was waiting for introduction.

Wittmann Robot W818Robot model W818

The first new robot introduction carries the model designation W818 and is basically founded on the proven concept of the W811 robots. The W818 and W811 models, as well as the W711 predecessor, with a payload of 5 kgs (11 lbs), are perfectly suited for mounting on injection molding machines up to around 200 tons. With a combined shipments of over 4,000 units over the years, the W711/811 robots have become one of the most popular models within the WITTMANN line-up of robots.

The new W818 robot model will continue this promising heritage. By means of various detailed modifications it was possible to increase the payload to 7 kgs (15.4 lbs), whereby at the same time the stiffness of the kick- and vertical stroke could be further improved. All axes are now equipped with absolute encoders, avoiding the need for initialization of the unit after power-up.

The new W818 family breaks down further into the W818S (with sub-arm for the picking of sprues), W818T (with vertical axis in telescopic vertical execution) and W818TS (with telescopic vertical axis and telescopic sub-arm). The vertical arm is available in sizes 800 mm, 1,000 mm and 1,20 0mm, and the maximum reach of the kick-stroke is 800 mm. The horizontal traversing axis is offered in lengths 1,250 mm, 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm and 2,500 mm.

The applications for these W818 models range from simple pick & place sequences up to the implementation of complicated work cells with extensive downstream equipment. In some cases, the W818 could also be used as a hand off secondary robot for box filling The high flexibility for adaptation is reached through a variety of rotational axes and options: additional in-/output cards, additional vacuum- and gripper circuits, as well as servo driven auxiliary axes (e.g. B/C-Servo). The model W818 robot is as a standard, equipped with the high performance and flexible R8 Touch control.

Wittmann Robot W828Robot model W 828

The second addition to the extensive robot portfolio of WITTMANN is called W828 and this represents a complete new development. Similar to the mechanical construction of the smaller robot model W818, also the W828 is equipped with a fixed kick-stroke. With a maximum reach of 1,300 mm the X kick-stroke-axis can be long with at the same time compact dimensions behind the Z-axis. The fixed forward kick-stroke design furthermore provides the possibility for the simple addition of a sub-arm and avoids interference with hoppers on small machines.

The vertical axis offers a maximum length of 1,40.0mm. The payload is at the same time 10 kgs (22 lbs), which also applies to the sub-arm variation. The W828 robot series is ideally suited for the mounting on machines in the range of 200-400 tons of clamping force.

Identically to the WITTMANN W811 and bigger robot models, the W828 is also equipped as a standard with an integrated control cabinet on the traverse beam, which eliminates any space requirements next to the molding machine.

Wittmann Robot W873Robot model W873

The model W873 is based mechanically on the previous proven robot model W773, with numerous detailed modifications and improvements. The payload amounts to now 125 kg (275 lbs), with a maximum vertical stroke of 3,000 mm. The robot is also available in a configuration with 3,600 mm vertical stroke and 60 kg (132 lbs) carrying weight. The kick-stroke is as a standard 2,000 mm, and the traversing axis comes with 4,000 mm (with extension options in 1,000 mm increments).

All axes are equipped with low maintenance and precise linear rails. Combined with servo drives on high-precision gearbox combinations, also the largest robot model from WITTMANN achieves repeatability of 0.1mm, which are reached independently from axes motions and speeds. The high-performance servo motors permits on this model, axes speeds of up to 2 m/s.

As molding cycles on larger presses are typically accompanied with longer times, the total cycle time available to the robot can be used for additional handling tasks outside the mold area. The robot model W873 can be upgraded with additional servo driven A, B and C rotational axes (as well as any combination thereof). For highest constructional flexibility in sizing the end-of-arm toolings and highest operational safety, the rotational axes provide impressive torque moments. The peak torque moment reaches more than 500 Nm; the operational torque moment hits 250 Nm. The robot W873 model is equipped with the new R8 control generation, which offers practically unlimited functions and a comprehensive list of optional features.

Wittmann Robot W8VS2Robot model W8VS2

The fourth addition at WITTMANN is a Vertical-SCARA Robot from type W8VS2. This model was particularly developed for the deployment with the WITTMANN BATTENFELD MicroPower molding system and it offers the highest motion freedom with at the same time, extremely fast axes motions in tight compact space. The robot W8VS2 is typically integrated into the mounting frame of the MicroPower machine. It consists of three (3) rotational axes, permitting an arbitrary orientation of the molded part on a vertical level.

For the optimized use with the MicroPower, the work space in the shape of a circle segment is divided logically into two separate regions. The "inner" work region - directly located next to the mold area - for simpler handling task with integrated quality control and the "outer" work area for the pick-up of insertion parts or the transfer of molded parts to through the automation system, which are controlled by means of the WITTMANN R8 control system.

The Vertical-SCARA robot W8VS2 excels with shortest dry cycle times, which are in the "inner" work region around 1.2 s and when moving across both work regions around 2.5 s. The payload of the robot comes up to 2 kgs (4.4 lbs). The rotations arms offer a length of 480 mm and 290 mm respectively. The third axis is shaped as a pure rotational axis for the direct mounting of the end-of-arm tooling.

Also in this case the high-performance WITTMANN R8 control is deployed. Motions can be performed either in the Cartesian coordinate system or in the respective joints.

Control R8

All new additions to the robot portfolio of WITTMANN are equipped with the new control R8 Touch, which simplifies the robot programming even further. This control generation from WITTMANN offers a continuous decentralized concept, with besides the main processor not only links together in real time external I/O modules, but also the servo drives. Because of this closed link of control and up to twelve (12) drives a highly dynamic axes parameterization and control can be achieved. This results in highest operational safety with at the same time highest axes speeds. Furthermore as a standard without extra charge, are the innovative real time functions implemented for - SmartRemoval, SoftTorque, Automatic Collision Detection and SmartInsertion.

Real-time functions that were implemented already in former versions of WITTMANN robot controls, such as Vibration Stability Control (VSC - since 2003) and PartTrack (since 2004) of course have been adopted.

All rotational motions can be programmed and moved in increments of 0.1° and allow a flexible and precise orientation of the robot end-of-arm tooling. In combination with the TruePath path planning module, the R8 control offers arbitrary axis-synchronized, parallel and curved motions between linear and rotational axes. The control of these additional servo rotations is possible through the proven and user friendly Teach-in method of WITTMANN.

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