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Activities 2010

RAB Robotics Safety MarkSince the formation of the Robotics Association Benelux (RAB) in September 2007, a lot of effort has been put in brand awareness, expansion of members and sponsors, the organisation of successful events and the development of the RAB Robotics Safety Mark. The latter is considered as one of the main pillars for members of the RAB: with the RAB Robotics Safety Mark, the RAB members can actually show to the market that their business will satisfy the strict requirements regarding safety.

For now almost all RAB members can proudly submit their RAB Robotics Safety Mark. For 2010 RAB would like to show the Industrial Robot end-users which advantages dealing with a Industrial Robot Supplier and System Integrator with a RAB Robotics Safety Mark has.

Also in 2010 the RAB will show to the Dutch and Belgium market that Industrial Robots will offer the perfect solution for all automation topics in all kind of segments; even in 2010 a lot of industries seem not be aware of all advantages which integrating Industrial Robots in their production process offers.

The latter will be promoted by organizing two theme events: one regarding the segment of metal and automotive, the other concerning agriculture and food.

Furthermore the RAB will organize panel discussions in cooperation with Dutch and Belgium universities; in this way a link can be made to the world of students and education; after all there is still a lack of a proper course regarding System Integration of Industrial Robots.

Finally the internal knowledge sharing will be an important topic within the RAB members: the technical know how regarding the machine directives must regularly be shared within the sector, after all the RAB members are aware that machine directives will change over time and that the RAB Robotics Safety Mark will be tested every two years.


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