IFR press release

New IFR Robot Supplier Member

Blue Ocean Robotics

We are glad to welcome our new IFR Robot Supplier member Blue Ocean Robotics, who has its focus on commercialising robotics R&D. The company was founded 2013 and is located in Odense, Denmark.

Blue Ocean Robotics is a new class of company. It's positioned right in the middle of the technological Valley of Death with a mission of bridging from the academic-driven research and development world into the business and market world. Focus is on commercialising robotics R&D. Generally and round the world, numerous research and development projects have been completed and only very few have actually lead to commercialisation where robotic products become available and supported in the market. This imbalance is the background for the commercialisations activities in Blue Ocean Robotics.

Blue Ocean Robotics develops and introduces new innovative market-ready robots for a broad range of branches from industry, healthcare and education to agriculture, construction and offshore etc. We provide complete solutions including design, concept, development, installation, implementation, ramp-up, training, test, documentation, dissemination, support, maintenance and more - all in a life-cycle perspective.