IFR press release

euRobotics Forum 2012 in Denmark

hosted by IFR Member DTI

17 February 2012

During 5-7 March 2012, the European robotics community will come together at the 2012 European Robotics Forum in Odense, Denmark. More than 300 participants are expected to attend this event, ranging from robotics and cognitive system researchers, entrepreneurs, system integrators and end users, to public and private investors and robotics companies.

The small town of Odense in the center of Denmark will this year be the venue for the annual European Robotics Forum. The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is hosting this prestigious event, which for the third time is jointly organized by members of the two leading robotics networks EUROP (European Robotics Technology Platform) and EURON (European Robotics Research Network). The European Robotics Forum is co-organized and supported by the euRobotics Coordination Action, funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program.

"The Forum represents one of the most important annual events for the members of the robotics community to share and expand their knowledge and gather new connections", says Herman Bruyninckx, coordinator of EURON.

Workshops and Seminars
The 3-day event gives robotics stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the future of robotics related business and research, expand their networks and gather the latest relevant news. More than 30 different workshops and seminars are offered, covering a wide range of subjects within the fields of industrial applications, professional and domestic service robotics as well as security and space related projects. The subjects to be discussed not only cover robotics and cognitive research, technology and business, but also important side topics, such as entrepreneurship, education, as well as legal, ethical and societal challenges.

"For any engineer, scientist or businessman involved in robotics the annual European Robotics Forum is an excellent opportunity to get informed and discuss the latest robotics news and developments, concerning both the technology and the market", says Bernd Liepert EUROP President from KUKA, Germany. "The yearly meeting is also an important strategic event that helps strengthen industry-academia collaboration and sharpens the view of public and private investors for the future of the robotics business."

Along with the community organized workshops and seminars, the forum is accompanied by a robotics exhibition, which will be open to the public. Here the newest developments will be on display and visitors will have the chance to meet innovators, companies and researchers to learn more about projects and products.

Towards new Horizons
The motto of this year?s European Robotics Forum is "Towards new horizons". This motto is a recurring theme of several workshops of the event where industrial and academic participants will discuss the future of robotics research, technology development and innovation programs in Europe. Here, the upcoming European framework program for research and innovation, named "Horizon 2020", will play an important role for the future of European robotics.

This framework program is related to the EU's growth strategy "Europe 2020", which aims at five ambitious objectives - on employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy - to be reached by 2020. To ensure that robotics can significantly contribute to reaching these objectives, forum participants will discuss roadmaps and work topics as input for the Horizon 2020 framework program.

All robotics stakeholders are welcome to attend the forum.
Please visit http://www.robotics-platform.eu/cms/index.php?idcat=41&idart=532 for more information about the forum and registration.