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Again all-time high for robot sales

In 2015, global sales of industrial robots increased by 8% to almost 240,000 units, another all-time high for the third year in a row. The automotive industry and the electronics industry continued  investing in automation of their factories.  Asia, in particular China, was again the main driver of the growth.


Industrial robots post a new sales record in 2015

a rise of 8 percent

In 2015 the number of industrial robots sold worldwide surpassed the 240,000 unit mark for the first time. This corresponds to global year-on-year growth of 8 percent. The greatest demand was again registered by the automotive industry.


47th International Symposium on Robotics ISR 2016

Registration opened - early bird tickets available

Robotics in the Area of Digitalization! After two years the 47th International Symposium on Robotics ISR 2016 will again be held in Munich, Germany, from June 21-22. The preliminary program has been released and the registration opened.


US economy: Auto sector buys every second industrial robot

The US economy is one of the front-runners in the global automation race. By 2018, the number of industrial robots sold to 2018 will, on average, rise by at least five percent per annum, to a new record of 31,000 units (2014: 26,202). About one-half of these will be installed by car makers and their suppliers. Viewed according to robotic density - meaning the number of industrial robots per 10,000 employees - the US automotive industry, with 1,141 units, already ranks third in the world's national economies after Germany (1,149 units) and Japan (1,414 units).


AUTOMATICA 2016 - Munich, Germany

Breakup in a new era of smart robotics and automation

On June 21 to 24, 2016, up to 850 companies are going to display their solutions for the optimization of production processes and professional service robotics in six exhibition halls. AUTOMATICA in Munich.  Highlight topics are Human-Robot-Collaboration, Industry 4.0 and Professional Service Robotics.


Survey: 1.3 million industrial robots to enter service by 2018

The automation of the fourth industrial revolution is accelerating: By 2018, around 1.3 million industrial robots will be entering service in factories around the world. In the high-revenue automotive sector, global investments in industrial robots increased by a record-breaking 43 percent (2013-2014) within one year. Viewed on a cross-sector basis, the international market value for robotic systems now lies at around 32 billion US dollars. So says the 2015 World Robot Statistics, issued by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).


Case Studies

Panasonic - IFR Robot Supplier

Great customer experience in B2C through excellent cooperation in B2B

Here maybe a deodorant, probably even try the new shampoo out of television advertising - the drugstore customers like strolling through the ranks and rummage through the shelves after drugstore products. What exactly does this scenario have to do with the company Otto Kind and the welding processes form the company Panasonic Robot & Welding?


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR Robot Supplier

The UR5 robot arm manufactures components for EGR valves

The family company Attl a spol. s.r.o. Továrna na stroje (Machinery Factory) has expanded its product range into automotive segment; for one of the Volkswagen suppliers, the company started to produce stainless steel tubes used in heat exchangers in EGR valves of modern combustion engines for both passenger and commercial vehicles, whose main task is to reduce exhaust emissions.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR Robot Supplier

Mobile robot colleagues on wheels increase productivity and worker safety at Scott Fetzer Electrical Group

A mobile fleet of Universal Robots will now receive daily work orders to solve ever-changing tasks with high mix - low volume electronics manufacturer Scott Fetzer Electrical Group (SFEG) in Tennessee. The collaborative robots have optimized production by 20 percent, taking over monotonous and potentially hazardous tasks from employees.


Mobile Industrial Robots, Denmark - IFR Robot Supplier

Capital injection of clever money into the Danish robot industry: High-growth robot company MiR receives growth capital from a strong team of private investors

Thanks for the offer, but no thanks, was the final answer to several Chinese, European and US investors, who in 2015 became aware of the obvious potential in up-and-coming Danish robot manufacturer Mobile Industrial Robots.
Only a year ago, MiR launched its innovative, flexible, mobile robot MiR100, and in step with MiR's steep growth where new countries were conquered each month, the company received a growing number of inquiries from potential investors. Public and private foundations also offered their services, and all of them were thoroughly considered. But none came out of the cold.


Blue Ocean Robotics, Denmark - IFR Robot Supplie

Blue Ocean Robotics wins tender for developing of a disinfection robot for reducing infection rates in hospitalso

Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) results in over 3,000 deaths annually and costs for DKK 1.2 billion for the Danish healthcare system. Because of this, the Danish Market Development Fund and a partnership of Danish hospitals (Sygehuspartnerskabet) have entered a 2-year co-development project with Blue Ocean Robotics with the purpose of developing and testing a disinfection robot for hospitals.



1-3 Jun, 2016

RoboBusiness Europe 2016

The RoboBusiness Europe 2016 will take place from the 1st - 3rd of June in Odense, a fast growing robotics cluster in Denmark. At RoboBusiness Europe you will meet 100 exhibitors, 125 speakers, 2,500 daily visitors. 


21-24 Jun, 2016


AUTOMATICA is the central meeting point for manufacturers and users of assembly and handling technology, robotics and machine vision. It is equally ideal as a platform for suppliers of the associated technologies.


21-22 Jun, 2016

ISR 2016

Robotics in the Area of Digitalization! After two years the 47th International Symposium on Robotics ISR 2016 will again be held in Munich, Germany, from June 21-22.


6-9 Jul, 2016

CIROS 2016

This edition of Shanghai International Robot Show is dedicated to draw into the world's most advanced robot technology and top achievements to promote China's industrial robot manufacturers to develop both domestic and international markets.


11-14 Jul, 2016


INNOPROM is a trade fair rooted in the priorities driving world industry and technology at present - and on the priorities that underpin Russia's program of industrial and manufacturing development.