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New IFR Robot Supplier Member

BA Systèmes joined IFR

We are very glad to welcome our new IFR Robot Supplier member and latest IERA Award winner BA SYSTEMES, who just joined the International Federation of Robotics. BA SYSTEMES is the most active French player in the field of internal logistic systems used in automated vehicles or AGVs.


CEO Statements to the results of World Robotics

Based on the results of the World Robotics - Industrial Robots 2014, the global robotics industry is looking with confidence into the future:


Accelerating demand for industrial robots will continue

2014: increase by at least 15% - 2015-2017: increase of 12% on average per year

"More than 200,000 industrial robots will be installed in 2014 worldwide, 15% more than in 2013" announced Arturo Baroncelli, IFR President, on the occasion of the publication of the study "World Robotics 2014 - Industrial Robots", on Tuesday in Frankfurt. "The accelerating demand for industrial robots will continue. Between 2015 and 2017, growth will likely continue at about 12% on average per year", stated Baroncelli.


Service Robots: Logistic systems on the rise

Continued strong increase of personal and domestic robots

About 21,000 service robots for professional use were sold worldwide in 2013, 4% more than in 2012, reports the IFR Statistical Department in the new study "World Robotics 2014 - Service Robots", which was published on Tuesday in Frankfurt. The total sales value slightly decreased to US$ 3.6 billion. For the period of 2014 to 2017, sales forecast which were provided by companies worldwide indicate an increase to about 134,500 units with an estimated value of US$ 18.9 billion.


President's Report

China - the most important robotics market

World Robotics has just published the latest forecast figures on robot shipments in 2014, and 2015 to 2017, and I must admit I am proud to present such a strong industry. The worldwide demand on industrial robots is just overwhelming. An increase of 15% on shipments and a further forecast of an average annual growth of 12% between 2015 and 2017 signify that to satisfy such high demand our industry will probably have overcome certain challenges.


Automate 2015 to Host International Symposium on Robotics

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 October 2014

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced that Automate 2015 will host the International Symposium on Robotics (ISR). Abstracts can be submitted by 15 October 2014. Automate 2015 is being held March 23-26, 2015 in Chicago.


Mobile X-Ray Machine Wins the Tenth Anniversary IEEE/IFR IERA Award

Medical Application Convinced

The 10th annual Invention and Entrepreneurship Award in Robotics and Automation (IERA) was presented to Dr. Guy Caverot, BA SYSTEMES for a mobile base designed to receive an X-ray machine. The session was held at the conference of the China International Robot Show (CIROS) in Shanghai, China.


Robots Spark Job Growth in Electronics Industry

New data dispel the myth that automation negatively impacts jobs. Robots are credited for sustaining job growth in the flourishing electronics industry despite the Great Recession. According to a report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), from 2008 to 2011 robotics created up to 80,000 jobs in the electronics sector.


Case Studies

Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Offline programming increases welding production by Hekamp

The practical approach of Valk Welding and the functionalities offered by the programming system DPTS G2 persuaded father and sons Kampert of Hekamp Werktuigen en Aanbouwdelen to purchase a new welding robot system from Valk Welding.


Stäubli, USA - IFR Partner

Clearing Bottlenecks in the Mountains: A Morrill Motors Case Study

The town of Erwin is just a 2-mile hike off the Appalachian Trail where East Tennessee borders North Carolina. Native Americans once used this area, like so many communities in these mountains, as hunting ground. Even today, Erwin residents uncover arrowheads or other treasures in their gardens. Morrill Motors, located in the center of Erwin, also unearthed valuable assets recently while automating a portion of their unit-bearing motor assembly line.


Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Complete welding robot cell delivered from stock within 1 week

Valk Welding was asked this summer by Hydrospex, a hydraulic heavy lifting systems producer, to deliver a welding robot with a short lead time.The company needed to weld a series of 800 tubular products for a new developed system in just a few months, a task that would involve temporarily employing 15 extra welders.


ABB, UK - IFR-Partner

Packing robot provides the muscle for Bradman Lake's new case packing system

ABB's IRB260 packing robot is at the centre of the new AX Case Packing system from Bradman-Lake Group - specialists in the design, development and manufacturer of packaging machinery. The system provides manufacturers with a robotic case packer designed to automatically form, top load fill and close RSC and HSC style corrugated cases within one frame.


DÜRR, Germany - IFR Partner

Progress in robotic painting systems

It is becoming increasingly clear that a process which is technically feasible may not necessarily always represent the best solution. Reducing the complexity of painting systems is an important aspect of product development.



23 Mar, 2015

Joseph F. Engelberger Awards

The Engelberger Awards Presentation will be held at the Gala Dinner of the International Symposium on Robotics in Chicago.


23-26 Mar, 2015


Automate showcases the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions. From traditional industrial applications to cutting edge new technologies, you'll find ways to automate every process in your company.


23-26 Mar, 2015

ISR 2015

The 46th International Symposium on Robotics (ISR 2015) takes place at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, USA.  The conference is organized in conjunction with the Automate show.


26-30 May, 2015

ICRA 2015

ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society's flagship conference and is a premier international forum for robotics researchers to present their work. The 2015 conference will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, USA.


8-11 Jul, 2015


"Industrial Efficiency" is the theme of Russia's main industrial trade fair in 2015. The next INNOPROM will be dedicated to mechanical engineering, industrial automation, energy efficiency, optics and lasers, and metropolitan technologies.