International Symposium on Robotics ISR

ISR logoThe first ISR took place back in 1970 in Chicago, USA. ISR is a symposium on industrial and service robotics and is a sponsored event of IFR.

ISR represents a meeting point for all scientific, technical and industrial topics related to robotics. The purpose of ISR is to provide opportunities for researchers and engineers worldwide to present their pioneering works and to share ideas in the fields of robotics. The symposium is organized by a national industry robot association either in America, Europe or Asia in conjunction with an international robot exhibition.

The next ISR will be held in April 2017 at McCormick, Chicago, USA. The Gala Dinner with Engelberger Award presentation will be held there, too. The Symposium will be co-located with the exhibition Automate, a trade fair for automation technology. IFR member RIA has the license to run the International Symposium on Robotics.

Past and future ISR venues

49th 2017 Shanghai, China  
48th 2017 Chicago, USA  
47th 2016 Munich, Germany  
46th 2015 Chicago, USA  
45th 2014 Munich, Germany  
44th 2013 Seoul, Korea  
43rd 2012 Taipei, Taiwan  
42nd 2011 Chicago, USA  
41st 2010 Munich, Germany  
40th 2009 Barcelona, Spain  
39th 2008 Seoul, Korea  
38th 2007 Chicago, USA  
37th 2006 Munich, Germany  
36th 2005 Tokyo, Japan  
35th 2004 Paris, France  
34th 2003 Chicago, USA  
33rd 2002 Stockholm, Sweden  
32nd 2001 Seoul, Korea  
31st 2000 Montreal, Canada  
30th 1999 Tokyo, Japan  
29th 1998 Birmingham, UK  
28th 1997 Detroit, USA  
27th 1996 Milan, Italy  
26th 1995 Singapore  
25th 1994 Hanover, Germany  
24th 1993 Tokyo, Japan  
23rd 1992 Barcelona, Spain  
22nd 1991 Detroit, USA  
21st 1990 Copenhagen, Denmark  
20th 1989 Tokyo, Japan  
19th 1988 Sydney, Australia  
18th 1988 Lausanne, Switzerland  
17th 1987 Chicago, USA  
16th 1986 Brussels, Belgium  
15th 1985 Tokyo, Japan  
14th 1984 Gothenburg, Sweden  
13th 1983 Chicago, USA  
12th 1982 Paris, France  
11th 1981 Tokyo, Japan  
10th 1980 Milan, Italy  
9th 1979 Washington, USA  
8th 1978 Stuttgart, Germany  
7th 1977 Tokyo, Japan  
6th 1976 Nottingham, UK  
5th 1975 Chicago, USA  
4th 1974 Tokyo, Japan  
3rd 1973 Zurich, Switzerland  
2nd 1972 Chicago, USA  
1st 1970 Chicago, USA