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16-18 Nov, 2011

RobotSHOW and HAPexpo 2011

City: EXPO SILESIA, Sosnowiec
Country: Poland

The RobotSHOW and HAPexpo 2011 is Expo Silesia's proposal addressed to companies offering products for the automatics industry, hydraulic and pneumatic elements and systems, electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controllers and robots.

The modernization and constant development of a considerable number of industrial plants requires access to knowledge of the latest technologies, sub-assemblies and products. 

The HAPexpo and ROBOTshow fair offer a great opportunity to meet people from the industry,carry out consultations and share experiences and serves as a specialist compendium ofinformation for those constantly seeking new solutions, as well as novel and complex offers tailored to the needs of individual customers. The Fair's scope of subject matter is especially relevant to Silesia, a region of factories, plants producing machines for the mining, iron and steel and power industries.

With our customers in mind, we combine the tradition of the region with the modernity and professionalism of action to organize a good Fair - a Fair with a future drive!

More information: http://www.exposilesia.pl/hapexpo/0/0/uk/