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30 Sep, 2014

International Collaborative Robots Workshop

City: San Jose, California
Country: USA

On September 30th, industry experts will gather at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA to help robotics users understand the benefits of integrating collaborative robots within their workforce. The International Collaborative Robots Workshop, hosted by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) will examine the best use cases for implementing this emerging category of automation and identify the challenges most often associated with deploying collaborative robots on manufacturing lines and in the services industry.

The agenda includes Dr. Henrik Christensen of Georgia Tech, who will chair a panel discussion focused on leading collaborative robot use cases. Among the participants sharing their experiences will be Stefan Bartscher of BMW, Marty Linn of General Motors, John Dulchinos of Jabil, and Dan Sipes of Novartis Foundation.

One of the most anticipated talks at the workshop will be from Steve Cousins, CEO, Savioike. The company recently introduced SaviOne, a revolutionary delivery robot for the services industry. Cousins believes the personal robotics industry has the potential to change the world the way the PC industry did 30 years ago.

Other confirmed speakers at this one-day event are:

  • Rodney Brooks, Rethink Robotics
  • Ebsen Østergaard, Universal Robots
  • Erik Nieves, Yaskawa Motoman
  • Michael Beaupre, KUKA Robotics
  • Deron Jackson, Adept
  • Björn Matthias, ABB
  • Pat Davison, RIA
  • Sam Bouchard, Robotiq
  • Rich Mahoney, SRI International

"We're bringing together international robotics industry leaders, researchers, suppliers and users to help us understand where the industry is today and where it's headed in the future with collaborative robots," said Jeff Burnstein, President of RIA. "We strategically chose Silicon Valley to host the event because it's one of the world's hotbeds for robotics research and start-up companies."

Tabletop exhibits of collaborative robots and related technologies will be included, allowing attendees a hands-on experience with leading robotic products. The exhibition space will be open during breakfast, lunch and an evening networking reception.

The Silicon Valley Robotics group is an association sponsor of this event. Registration for RIA and Silicon Valley Robotics members is $595 ($645 for non-members) before August 31st. For complete details and registration information, visit www.robotics.org/events or call RIA Headquarters at +1 734/994-6088.

For more information on attending the International Collaborative Robots Workshop as a member of the press, please contact Bob Doyle at +1 734 994-6088 or bdoyle@a3automate.org.

More information: http://www.robotics.org/content-detail.cfm/Industrial-Robotics-News/RIA-to-Host-International-Collaborative-Robots-Workshop-in-Silicon-Valley-on-September-30-2014/content_id/4852