IFR has a total of 50 members and offers three different categories of membership. Every application for membership needs a three-quarters approval of the Executive Board.

Industry Association Member

An Industry Association member shall be a national or supra-national association representing robot manufacturers or integrators in the respective geographical area. From each geographical area only one association can be an Industry Association member. An Industry Association member representing a geographical area with more than 10,000 operational industrial robots (category a) is supposed to send two representatives to the IFR General Assembly. An Industry Association member representing a geographical area with less than 10,000 operational industrial robots (category b) is supposed to send one representative to the IFR General Assembly.

Annual membership fee:

  • 3,500 EUR (category a)
  • 1,500 EUR (category b)

R&D Institute Member

A university, research centre or an organisation, undertaking, as a major focus of its work, research and development activities in the field of robotics.

Annual membership fee:

  • 1,200 EUR

Robot Supplier Member

Manufacturing companies in the field of robotics. This includes also robot integrators and component suppliers. They participate in the IFR General Assembly meeting through the Robot Suppliers Committee's representatives.

Annual membership fee:

  • 1,500 EUR